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On April 14th I purchased some of JAC’s Tailgaters orange pineapple habanera marinate.
I had tasted this marinate on a cracker and loved it but did not know if having a my pork
chops caramelized was going to be something I would like. So I grilled 8 pork chops 4 in
JAC’s Tailgaters and 4 in my normal Italian dressing. I had some friends over so we each
got one of the JAC’s pork chops each. After eating my first one I was looking around to
see if any of my buddies did not like theirs so I could take it off their hands, but everyone
else's plate was empty as well. So for seconds we had to settle for Italian dressing
pork chops but a good side was we used the JAC’s Tailgaters as ketchup and just dipped
them in it so we could still have our flavor on our pork chops. I have learned after trying most
of JAC’s Tailgaters products that I should not hold back because they are not going to let
me down. They are going to be great every time...
Marcus Yarbrough


Dear JAC's Tailgaters,
I just wanted to write a short note to express my affliction with your products, 
and I've tried 80% of them. When I say affliction, I mean affliction!. I just can't get enough
of the seasoning and your sauces. I'm addicted!! I've used the Cajun Steak Seasoning on
steaks and roasts. The steaks were awesome and the roasts were even better. I've used
the cajun seasoning on catfish, bass and white perch on the grill...yum yum!! And I cook
with a gas grill. I've also used your seasonings in my crawfish boils and ettoufee, very good!
The Pineapple Orange Habanero and Raspberry Chipotle (sauces) are simply fantastic on
boiled shrimp and pork loin.
I've lived and worked in the south some 15 years with the last five here in Louisiana.  All my friends
are teaching me the ways of a Louisiananian, actually I've learned a lot of them, lvoing every
minute, too. Your products have been part of my cooking and grilling for some time now. In this case,
I taught my friends something about Louisiana and they lived here all their lives! They all love it!
Chris Milczarski  __________________
This is my first online order, but I have bought several products at the
craft shows that come to the civic center. I absolutely love them. The
Mustard Sauce and the Pineapple-Orange Habanero sauce are both incredible. This order is
actually for a friend that I introduced the products to that asked me to
order some for her. Hopefully she will order for herself next time. =).

Thanks for making great products!

Jacob S., Bossier City, LA
We purchased a bottle of Raspberry Chipotle last week in Kenner, LA and sorry that we did not 
purchase more. Great taste. When will you be in the surrounding area again?
Ernie Ritzmann  

We're cooking the fiesta chicken on the grill tonight! Got it at the Catfish fest! :)
I bought a bottle of Cajun Fury at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival yesterday. Tried it on some breakfast tamales this morning. Awesome. Glad you have the website, this bottle will not last long.

Lance J, Houston TX 2011


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